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Múltiplos - Carpe Diem Editions

Carpe Diem Art and Research

Carpe Diem Arte e Pesquisa (CDAP) is a contemporary art non-profit research and studies agency founded in 2009. CDAP is a plural and multidisciplinary visual arts structure with the ambition to create a network of exchange of information between creators, critics, students, producers and the public. The Curatorial Program consists of exhibitions as a result of residencies by national and international artists accompanied by conferences, talks, workshops and guided tours.

From 2009 to 2017 the location of CDAP was in the XVIII Palácio Pombal in Lisbon, Portugal. Since then the agency has moved into a new challange: to not have a permanent exhibition space and continue with developing programs that relate to exhibiting contemporary art. Heritage, education and sustainability are a main focus. The current projects at this moment are a yearly exhibition project with Abreu Advogados in a 19 century building that used to be the Port of Lisbon Archive, the continuation of Arte Jovem, a national call for last year students of all the art schools of Portugal and the editions permanent and temporary displays.

Multiples - Carpe Diem Editions

In this context, the Multiples project is born – Carpe Diem Editions. Limited editions are created by artists that have collaborated with the agency. Meant to be accessibly priced, but maintaining high standards of high quality, the prints are made to generate the interest of new potential emerging collectors of contemporary art. The works are, in small format in series of 30 and accompanied by the authenticity certificate, and in some cases relate to the work developed at the Palace Pombal, our previous permanent location. Each work contributes strongly to the continuation of the curatorial program of CDAP and is the result of a direct relationship between the artist and the project. We consider this to be an important sustainability point of this project.

Today we have produced more than 170 different editions by maintaining the idea of producing a new group of images after each new exhibition. Some are already sold out.

Since 2013 we have presented these editions in other different spaces both in Portugal and abroad.

In short, this Collection of editions is now a natural extension of the contemporary art curatorial program and based on a strong new model of cultural sustainability. It has also as a goal of facilitating access to contemporary art for the general public by being available for purchase with reasonable prices while at the same time contributing to the continuity of Carpe Diem Art and Research program.




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