Amélie Bouvier

Um continuum em três tempos

Amélie Bouvier (França)

Um continuum em três tempos is a site-specific work for the Palácio Pombal, based on the study of its topographical contour-lines to produce a territory of creation. By using drawing and installation as an intervention in the space, Amélie Bouvier creates an intersection between art and architecture, showing the continuity that exists between these two fields and accentuating the work on the mechanisms of representation of spatiality. Through its physically-conditioned positioning in space, the artist questions its function and circulation, as well as everything that belongs to it but which the viewer’s eye does not reach. Based within the influence of Surrealism on architecture, Bouvier’s work occupies three rooms in the basement of the Palácio Pombal as an area of exploration, re-equating the function of drawing in its relation with space, with the spectator and with the historic landscape of the site.
Support: French Institute of Portugal (IFP), Tesa