Chelpa Ferro


Chelpa Ferro (Brasil)

The work of Chelpa Ferro, a multimedia group composed of the artists Barrão, Luiz Zerbini and Sérgio Mekler, mixes experiences with sound, electronic music, video, objects and technological installations in live presentations, expositions and discos. Brought together for the first time in 1995, the works created by the collective reflect the individual work of its members – objects such as CACOS, paintings and editions of images. Craca, an unpublished piece presented at Carpe Diem Arte e Pesquisa, is an installation composed of polystyrene blocks arranged in space, and containing speakers embedded within them. The polystyrene is installed like a physical barrier to filter out the noises emitted by the sound-boxes, interfering in their emission. Exploring a mixture of visual and auditory elements, the work presents a composition created by Chelpa Ferro for eighteen channels of audio.

Support from the Programa Gulbenkian Próximo Futuro, Galeria Vermelho, Secretaria de Estado da Cultura do Rio de Janeiro)