Ding Musa

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Ding Musa (Brasil)

Ding Musa works with photography. His photography engages with art itself, questions the place of art and the way of making art after photography. In his work, Musa constructs fictive histories as though he were the editor of a film, trying to tell a history with pieces of artworks that had never been considered together. For the show at Carpe Diem Arte e Pesquisa, Ding Musa presents three photographic series and one video. Fronteira, the most abstract work, deals with the loss of two-dimensional reference for the three-dimensional. In Sentimentos, the artist deals with the capacity of representation. In the triptych Mudo, concrete art sets the tone of the work, which is comprised of film stills about the artist Geraldo de Barros. And a 12-minute loop video, O buraco que nós cavamos, is the result of the artist’s journey to Palestine. www.dingmusa.com