Editions Gallery: Larga Marcha Arte y Ediciones

Larga Marcha is a printmaking editorial house created in 2011 in Madrid. Its founders were the painter, filmmaker and writer Carlos García-Alix and the producer and editor Isabel de las Casas. The collaboration between them already had a small history that encompassed editorial projects such as Ediciones Comité Peninsular (1997), painting exhibitions such as Noticias de Madridgrado (Galería Siboney, Santander 2002), El Hombre Invisible (Galería Alejandro Sales, Barcelona 2002) or the exhibit Madrid-Moscú that took place in Madrid at the Galeria SEN in 2003 for which a catalogue was produced that obtained the Award from the Ministry of Culture for the Best Art Book Edition of 2003. Recently, this collaboration resulted in the documentary feature El Honor a de la Injurias filmed in 2007 with production by No Hay Penas and that has also collected awards in several international film festivals.

On the spring of 2011 they decided to move on with a new editorial project that would give continuity to what El Comité Peninsular project had been. Even though times had significantly changed, the desire to create an editorial house for original graphic work remained the same. As for the objectives of Larga Marcha we can point out, first of all, the conception of a new editorial house as an open space that aims to foster the development of different ideas and graphic proposals conceived by artists of different generations and sensibilities. A space that contributes to the knowledge of the different procedures and technologies applied in contemporary graphic edition. Larga Marcha was born in the midst of a profound economic crisis, a crisis that affects, in a dramatic way, the cultural and artistic fabric where the creators develop their work. Therefore, this project is also a project of resistance that supports not only the survival of original print work but above all, the possibility of placing it within reach of the largest number of artists possible. To ensure the quality and excellence of the editions we work with different workshops of calcographic printing of renowned international fame such as Benveniste CP & P, or in the case of screenprinting editions with the Atelier Erik Kirksaether.