The “17th Biennal of Cerveira” exhibition + Reading Room Paulo Reis and Cafeteria

January 4th  2014 > 15:00 pm

Saturday, January 4, we will inaugurate the  "17th Biennal of Cerveira Exhibition", in Carpe Diem Art and Research until February 1th. On the same day, the CDAP, will introduce the Reading Room Paulo Reis and the Cafeteria where art, literature and gastronomy will be perfect allies. 

“17th Biennal of Cerveira” exhibition

The 17th Biennal of Cerveira took place from July 27th to 14th September 2013, in Vila Nova de Cerveira, Braga and Santiago de Compostela and received about 85 thousand visitors. Art: Crisis and Transformation was the subject of debate and reflection of the oldest art biennial in the country, whose artistic director is Augusto Canedo.

The exhibition "17th Biennal of Cerveira" presented in CDAP 35 works of 29 artists from the International Competition, which had 590 candidates and more than one thousand works competing.


Alexandre Carvalho (PT) | Andrea (ES) | Anna Odoj (PL) | Carla Cabanas (PT) | Carlos Maciá (ES) | Catagreena e Raquel | Dalila Gonçalves (PT) | Cuco (ES) | Domingos Loureiro (PT) | Flávia Costa (PT) | Hector Prats (ES) | Hugo Rodrigues Cunha (PT) | Inês Teles (PT) | Laura Gorski (BR) | Luísa Jacinto (PT) | Margarida Alves (PT) | Marta Fortes (PT) | Misha Bies Golas (ES) | Nicole Tsangaris (PT) | Oyuki (JP) | Paula Scamparini (BR) | Pedro Boese (DE) | Radovan Jandric (RS) | Renato Bezerra de Mello (BR) | Ricardo Carvalho (PT) | Sara & André (PT) | Tânia Geiroto (PT) | Verónica Vicente (ES) | Tiago Alexandre (PT)


Reading Room Paulo Reis and Cafeteria

The Reading Room Paulo Reis (1960-2011)

The Reading Room Paulo Reis, a Carpe Diem Art and Research (CDAP) project, offers to the public a collection of more than 1000 publications about art and culture. Many of the books collected belonged to Paulo Reis (1960-2011), one of the founders of the CDAP, who we are paying homage to.

Opening time: Wednesday to Saturday, from 13:00 am to 19:00 pm (last entry 18:30 pm)

On the same day we have inaugurated the Cafeteria, with the motto "Palate Artist": to perceive the food as a form of art, introducing new combinations of flavors and concepts inspiring visual and gastronomic adventures.

The Cafeteria offers original snacks made in collaboration with some of our artists.

We intend this new project as a complement of programming presented.


CONCERTO Fantasmas do Paraíso > 18h, na Escadaria Principal do Palácio


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