João Grama


João Grama (Portugal)


Sagres and Vila do Bispo are villages situated in the southwest corner of Portugal and mainland Europe. There you can find a small fishing community dedicated to fishing goose barnacles, a community known for being one of the last dedicated to this rare delicacy of the sea, being alive for almost three generations - although there are archaeological records that indicate the existence of this seafood in the local culture from centuries ago.

This coastline consists mostly of rocks and cliffs, in some cases with more than 100 meters high. It is a very difficult and risky job, requiring these fishermen a huge dose of courage, knowledge and the wise use of ropes, one of their most important work tools. These ropes are used to go down, allow movement between rocks and to find stability in the dangerous surf zone - natural habitat of goose barnacles.

The pictures showned in Carpe Diem are part of European Photography Exhibition Award comission, an invitation from Fundação Calouste Gulbenkian and curator Sergio Mah.


João Grama (1975) studied photography at AR.CO Centro de Arte & Comunicação Visual in Lisbon. He works as an artist in the media of photography, video & film. He has exhibited in Portugal since 2007, the most important being the solo show in Espaço Arte Tranquilidade in 2012. He was shortlisted for Anteciparte 2010 and European Photo Awards. His work is represented in several different private art collections in Portugal.


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