Rui Horta Pereira

Linda Fantasia
Rui Horta Pereira (Portugal)

Combining drawing and sculpture, the artist Rui Horta Pereira conjures worlds in which fabulous beings emerge from the topographical vastness, sometimes mountainous, sometimes abyssal, in aerial view, that affirm the impossibility of the real world. His work moves between the figurative and oniric, to the iconoclastic and abstract, transforming the process of drawing into a conceptual practice. His sculptures and designs deal with the dimension of time, history, the supernatural world, science, and architecture. His artist’s books bring together the practice of drawing and the act of reading; the line of each drawing continues as the reader manipulates the object.

The exhibition Linda Fantasia presents a large wooden sculpture, drawings in graphite on paper, and an artist’s book, entitled Dr. Confuse. 

Co-Produção: Galeria Graça Brandão

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