Ana Léon + José Pedro Croft

UNTITLED (An artistic duo) 

Ana Léon (Portugal) + José Pedro Croft (Portugal) 

Ana Léon and José Pedro Croft exhibit a joint project as if they were an artist duo, reuniting affinities and reencounters between two artistic practices. It is fitting to recall that these two artists belong to the same generation and that the interest in spatiality and in the image has been a common theme in their work. However, in the  course of their careers they have been developing different research and proposals, in regard to the medium and the poetics, which lead us to different fields of representation. 

The place where the two artists share this project, Pombal Palace, constitutes an important historical link to the city of Lisbon, a place of symbolic and architectural importance which is integrated in the artworks exhibited. On the other hand, the moving image, between video and sculpture, creates a correspondence between the two typologies of procedure which relate to the spatiality of the place, and thereby to the individual imagery as a recipient of the artworks. 

Another category which we cannot escape, time, is treated by the two artists as an evocation of the memory of the place and simultaneously of the body as a measure of that temporality inscribed in each piece. 

On the other side, the evocation of the memory of the place, which I already referred to, occurs in different ways in the two artists, but recalls, in both, the integration of the object and the appurtenance in each work.  

Extract from João Silvério's text. 


José Pedro Croft was born in Oporto (1957), lives and works in Lisbon. 

Ana Léon was born in Lisbon(1957), works and lives in Paris.