Albano Afonso


In modern times, as artists return to the past to visually formulate post-modernism, Albano Afonso makes his contribution to the dimension the past has on the present. We see his work centered on a knowledge of Western art history, because, as an astute codifier, he tries to wrench from the spectator his own vision and knowledge of art. (...) Albano Afonso changes the direction of the artist's view, avoiding that light becomes merely a way of fixing the image on the canvas. The light is above all the way the image is fixed upon the retina. His art is therefore retinal because it leaves materialization and only can be observed through the senses. Making the series of Illuminated Pictograms, Paintings of Light and Making Stars, the artist reveals to us that which was the most important thing that happened to Western painting since the Renaissance and The Baroque. These artists took refuge in light to create theatrical effects with a great ability to mould.

Paulo Reis. London, August 2006


Albano Afonso is a Brazilian artist born in 1964 in São Paulo, Brazil, where he still lives and works. In 1994 he held his first solo exhibition at Centro Cultural São Paulo, the state capital. In 2010 he participated at the 29th Bienale of São Paulo, showcased his work at MASP, São Paulo, and had the exhibition Anatomia da Luz at Ol Futuro Ipanema, in Rio de Janeiro. In 2015, Albano will present an exhibition at the Contemporary Arts Centre in Cicinnati. 

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