Claire de Santa Coloma

A experiência da medida
Claire de Santa Coloma (Argentina)

Claire de Santa Coloma presents two installations and two drawings. In How to measure a space or the River Tejo, the artist undertakes a conceptual and phenomenological operation on the perception of space and its real or invented measurements. In this installation, the artist measures (or tries to measure) the dimension of the space where the piece is located, to turn it into an image, a simultaneously real and abstract landscape. The artwork is, at the same time, a topographical design and a chromatic abstraction. In the second piece, Measuring the exhibition perimeter, Claire measures all of the exhibition spaces in the palace where she herself is exhibiting her work, and uses the measurements as a mental and artistic process of perception of the floor on which she stands. It is an installation that covers all of the spaces, interconnecting them with blue cotton thread, and, as such, colour is used in both installations. Measuring the exhibition perimeter includes two drawings based on imaginary topographies.