Conversa com Raúl Hevia e Antonio Díaz Grande

Friday, 14 June, 2013 - 18:00

M.U.S.E.A. Modes and uses of spaces of art



Talk with the artists > 14 Junho, 6ª, 18h

Presentation by the artists of the MUSEA Project and debate about the role of museums nowadays – extensions, contents and efficiency.

The MUSEA project intends to generate questions about the space that is dedicated to the exhibition and to the enhancement of the value of the art object through the fundamental canonical containers “museum” and “art centre”, transfigured in that other container called “museum bag”, that is, a natural extension of the museum-father from which it comes from.
In this project, each bag is in itself another (portable) show room, and it expands the art experience through each user, it is always determined by him or her and by the following use with all its possible variations. 

MUSEA examines the logic of the subject and the object, it reorganises the idea of the container as a control machine, the statute of the work of art and also the cultural and social consequences of its user. It poses a near future in which every one will be able to carry a museum in their hands and to change the content according to random criteria. MUSEA is an exercise in building awareness.


ANTONIO DÍAZ GRANDE (Santander, Spain, 1968) lives and works in Santander. Self-educated artist, his artistic investigation is primarily focused on domestic or private space, its functions and the people who pass through, who intervene o generate activity in it, modifying it or giving it meaning.

RAÚL HEVIA (Oviedo, Spain, 1965) lives and works in Santander. Currently doing a PhD in History of Art at the University of Oviedo. His work revolves around questioning the ways of narrating intimacy, the forms of expression of the contemporary self (the very own, the past and the present, and the links between them) through media such as photography and video, underlining the expressive part of written language and the transposition of the verbal to the visual.

They work together since 2004 in different art projects.

Their images are represented in international, public and private collections. Among others, they took part in the art residence programme at the 16th Biennial of Vilanova de Ceveira, at Meaning Making (New York, Washington; Warsaw; Brussels), at the art fairs of Estampa, ARCO, Hot Art Basel and Just Mad2. They are represented by the Nuble Gallery. 

With the support of:: Galería Nuble; Gobierno de Cantabria-Consejería de educación cultura y deporte