Emma Ciceri

Dimore nel numero

Emma Ciceri (Itália)

The object of Emma Ciceri’s research is reality, human history, the individu- al and the crowd. In her exhibition at Carpe Diem Art and Research the artist presents two different works; the videos 21 giugno2007 and 8 dicembre200, and Cancellature, a work consisting of collages on paper. 21 Giugno2007 and 8 dicembre200 were filmed during two musical concerts, as an investigation into individuality in the crowd. In her work Emma Ciceri explores situations such as meetings, concerts, funerals and other events where the people, by the fact that they are in a collective which shares the same motivation, show ways of acting that are not visible in individual contexts. The place and the time become receptacles of identities whose result is the sum of individuals and the goals that unite them. In Cancellature (erasures), a continuous work by the artist, the erasures pass through an inverse process, of eliminating the image where a press cutting, erased to keep and to emphasize only one detail, ends up highlighting and accentuating that singular part to communicate a new message.

Support: Istituto Italiano di Cultura