Francisco Queimadela + Mariana Caló


Mariana Caló and Francisco Queimadela initiated in the spring of 2010 an ongoing project entitled Gradations of Time over a Plane, in which they have been focusing on the study and reflection about the notion of Time, both as a symbolic dimension of reality and also as an abstract concept relating to something that is non-material and that “precedes materiality”.

This artwork is being constituted in chapters, which correspond to different reflections and articulations from the experience given by the field work and the various material collected during those moments, combined with the study and research of various perspectives on the relation between Man and the passing of Time.

Gradations of Time over a Plane follows an open structure of non-sequential (but relational) chapters in different formats (HD video, Super 8mm, 16mm, slides, painter, drawing and installation) which are either presented individually or connected in the exhibition space as a whole, seeking to involve the viewer as a free interpreter of the visual experience.

The interest in developing an open-end project is related with the need to create a structure without a defined ending, but also with a process which allows them to reshape each chapter individually or to combine them in multiple ways. Concurrently to the development of this project there is an internal mapping of the work, constituted by the particular pictographs which are devised for each chapter.

For their participation in the show at Carpe Diem Arte e Pesquisa, Mariana Caló and Francisco Queimadela will present a selection of chapters from Gradations of Time over a Plane.


Mariana Caló (Viana do Castelo, 1984) and Francisco Queimadela (Coimbra, 1985) studied Fine Art Painting at Fine Arts Faculty of Oporto University and work as an artist’s duo since 2010. Grantees, in 2012, from the Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation for the international artists-in-residency program at Gasworks, London. Awarded with BES Revelação award in 2012, finalists of the 10th edition of the EDP Novos Artistas prize and winners of the Schermo dell'arte Film Festival 2013 international prize. Their work was presented in several exhibitions, namely Entrevista Perpétua, Edíficio Axa, Oporto, 2013; Chart for the Coming Times, Rowing Projects, London, 2012 and Villa Romana, Florence, 2013; Gradations of Time over a Plane, Gasworks, London, 2012 and General Public, Berlin 2011; The Springs of the Flood, Altes Finanzamt, Berlin, 2011.