Gabriela Machado

Os jardins de Lisboa em Gabriela Machado, 2011

Gabriela Machado (Brasil)


Os jardins de Lisboa em Gabriela Machado, 2011

Gabriela Machado paints enormous canvasses because she wants to paint everything. She wants to discuss space and the relationship that all space has with objects through her drawings. She considers colour to be something like spreading out a body, a place that from the beginning appears not to have any defined barriers (just like the world itself), but which is rapidly to be found defined and reflected. Gabriela owns an art studio beside the Botanical Gardens in Rio de Janeiro, an exceptional space for the contemplation and enjoyment of nature. With direct inspiration in natural forms, the artist often spends time in her nearby surrounds carrying out studies on form, colour and space. In Os jardins de Lisboa

em Gabriela Machado (The gardens of Lisbon in Gabriela Machado), the artist sets herself the task of discovering new references in the Botanical Gardens in the city of Lisbon and transforming them into paintings of various formats as well as video, animating the liveliness and energy of the natural world
as she sees it, with a new perception of light arising from the mild European winter and with species of plants particularly unlike those in the tropical climate which she is accustomed to. In this foray, the artist revives and inverts the historical and cultural relationship between Europe and Brazil, recalling the travelling painters of the 18th century that contributed immensely to the development of the sciences, the arts and botany.

Support: Ministério da Cultura do Brasil, Fundação Bienal de São Paulo and Programa Brasil Arte Contemporânea 


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