José Carlos Teixeira

THE FALL, o exercício da queda

José Carlos Teixeira (Portugal)

Psychological, social and anthropological questions have always functioned as the basis of José Carlos Teixeira’s work as an artist and video-maker. He seeks to construct aesthetic experiences that confront the notion of limits and frontiers, the concept of identity and “otherness,” the subjacent realities of diasporas (both physical and mental), and the migrations of various exiles.

At Carpe Diem Arte e Pesquisa the artist presents the installation THE FALL, o exercício da queda, which encapsulates both an audiovisual component (video) and an object-textual component (archive), exploring by multiple approaches the nuclear ideas of otherness and the fall. Beginning with the definition of “fall,” which is cloaked with various interpretations in English etymology and semantics, the work proceeds with an investigation that is simultaneously visual, performative and theoretical. Considering the literal and performative potential, but also the symbolic and metaphorical complexity associated with this concept, the films invite participants into a scenic space (the stage, as both sign and space). The resulting videography incorporates gestures and words, consequences of just one request: to fall.

The soundtrack to the first video marks the inaugural collaboration between the artist and the composer David Michael.
Support: Fundação Calouste Gubenkian