Oxana Ianin

Doc.1, 2015

Because of the nature of her documental work, Oxana Ianin developed for her residency program a process of capturing the different dynamics and interactions of the goers of Carpe Diem. In this project public, staff , artists and national and international art agents interact. This mixture generates a dynamics that is centered on the question of contemporary art production versus heritage, a building that was abandoned and the responsibility of generating the production and documentation of new works.

The project presented by the artist consists of three photographs that are the synthesis of hundreds of images captured during a period of approximately 6 months. The images represent also the daily life of the palace in the areas of exhibition mounting, public engagement and fun. Each one of them represents a moment and a motif to generate an image.


Oxana Ianin, Moscovo, 1988. Lives and works in Lisboa, where she concluded her Photography Professional Course at IPF (Instituto Português de Fotografia). She completed her education in photography with an internship at jornal Público. From early she drove her attention to documentary work, being in this field where she currently conceives her projects.
She is currently a resident artist at Carpe Diem Arte e Pesquisa.

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