Ramiro Guerreiro

Corredor com abertura zenital para capela, 2011

Ramiro Guerreiro (Portugal)

The focus of artist Ramiro Guerreiro’s research is space; it is from and within this focus that his ideas emerge. For Ramiro, space is the ruler and the compass for the basis of a logic that emerges within a piece. His installations depart from this dialogue with space, underpinning or revealing architectural errors that he employs as an opportunity to express the dialectics that interest him within the discourse of aesthetic theory. The work Corredor com abertura zenital para capela (Corridor with a zenithal opening for the altar) is a site-specific construction that spans horizontally across the vertical space of the chapel in the Palácio Pombal. The visitor enters via a volume that traverses the two doors of the chapel. Outside, it is covered with industrial felt, a raw material which isolates contact between the exterior space of the chapel and its interior. Upon entering the space, the visitor perceives a corridor with walls, floor and ceiling made of MDF. The interior space is narrow and dark, but upon passing through one perceives in the middle an opening in the ceiling, allowing a view of the vertical space of the chapel from 2.5 metres high up to the skylight that illuminates this new passageway. This moment of intervention is marked by the perception of sounds which, vibrating behind the MDF and entering through the opening in the ceiling, emphasize the singularity of this part of the Palácio Pombal.