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Pedro Vaz Monólito Full HD, 16/9 Anamorphic, b/w, 56' 10''

Monólito, is a project composed by a presentation of a movie, a fictional real experience, accompanied by a sculpture, a Monolith, a gigantic stone with a small mirrored cave at its core.Both the filming and the sculptural media of this project are part of an experimental process encompassing the Primitive Landscape, the thematic matrix of the artist's body of work.The film depicts the journey of dispossession of a man into the heart of nature, witnessing the point where it is reconnected to Art

Written, produced, directed and starring: Pedro Vaz | Assistant director: Gonçalo Jordão Editing by: Pedro Vaz e Gonçalo Jordão |Camera Operators: Pedro Vaz e Gonçalo Jordão Sound Editor: Simão Assunção Sound Recordist : Simão Assunção e João Corvacho