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VIDEOBRASIL / Colecção de Autores
Coco Fusco: I Like Girls in Uniform Wagner Morales

48'31”, Brazil, 2006
Guest Director | Wagner Morales

“Reference point on the art scene and intellectual contemporary, Coco Fusco (from the USA with Cuban origins) explores culture clashes through her essays, videos, installations and performances. In Coco Fusco: I Like Girls in Uniform, a new documentary from the series Videobrasil Coleção de Autores, the director Wagner Morales borrows elements from her work and prosaic fragments of her daily life to introduce the viewer to her complex universe of theory and artistic practices. Produced between New York and São Paolo, the film revisits Fusco’s journey as a lecturer, activist, performer and researcher and follows the creative process behind Bare Life Study # 1 a performance based

on American military torture that the artist presented at the 15th International Festival of Electronic Art Videobrasil (2005).” (Text by VCA)
Wagner Morales is an artist and curator who has been showing films, videos and installations at solo and group exhibitions since 2000. Over the last two years he has had individual shows at Cable Factory in Helsinki, Finland and at the Palais de Tokyo in Paris, France. He has also worked as an independent curator since 2006, designing shows for institutions such as the Museu Nacional de Arte Contemporânea - MNAC in Bucharest, Romania; Le Silo, in Paris; and Galeria Virgilio, in São Paulo. 

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