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Alex Gabassi (Brasil)
During Lebanon’s civil war years, Akram Zaatari recorded daily life in a diary. Explosions, bomb shelters, driving lessons and the buying of a car: “the contradictions of life that goes on in conflicted areas,” he says. The diary was his first contact with image production, a key aspect of his later videos and installations. His work is marked by the changes that his country has undergone, and its key themes are sexuality, politics, and history. The first Videobrasil Authors Collection documentary conceived for DVD format, the film follows Zaatari through his country of origin and Brazil, and includes bonus footage of unreleased statements from leading figures in contemporary Lebanese art. Zaatari is an active articulator of the new Lebanese scene, which is marked by partnerships and multidisciplinarity.
About Author's Collection:The thought and work processes of leading international contemporary artists are featured in the Videobrasil Authors Collection, created in 2000. In each edition, a new director is invited to give their authorial take on the work of an artist or a group of artists. The Collection’s books review and comment on the productions of key contemporary artists, Brazilian and otherwise. Past editions have featured South Africa’s William Kentridge, Lebanon’s Akram Zaatari, Cuba’s Coco Fusco, and Brazil’s Rafael França, Chelpa Ferro and Mau Wal (Maurício Dias & Walter Riedweg).The soon-to-be-released new edition will be signed by filmmaker Karim Aïnouz, focusing on the work of Olafur Eliasson.
Alex Gabassi is a producer and independent director. He worked four years as an assistant director to Simon McBurney and stage manager in the English theater company Thêatre de Complicité, in London. In 1992, he produced installations and a show of the artist Bill Viola to the Festival de Arte Electrónica Videobrasil (Electronic Art Festival Videobrasil). Gabassi has also directed tv series for MTC Brasil, as well as videoclips for Marisa Monte, Caetano Veloso, David Byrne and Gilberto Gil. For the series “Colecção de Autores” of Associação Videobrasil, he directed the documentary “Certain doubts of William Kentridge” (2000) and “Um Olhar sobre os Olhares de Akram Zaatari” (2004) and co-directed Rafael França: Obra como Testamento (2001) with Marco del Fiol.
In partnership with Associação Cultural Videobrasil.

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