The Green Room: Slowtrack


Antes del océano (no somos extranjeros) [Before the ocean (we are not foreigners)] is the first exhibition by Spanish artists curated by the Madrid gallery Slowtrack for the cultural centre Carpe Diem Art and Research, whose main objective is to create real ties between our neighbouring countries in these times of cultural globalization, to find healthy global villages from where to establish a network of contacts, cooperation and cultural development.

The exhibition will present two projects by the artists Clara Montoya and Laura F. Gibellini, an especially interesting artistic endeavour because the artists will develop site specific work that will derive from their relationship with their surroundings at Carpe Diem.

The first, by Clara Montoya, will be a mirrored piece that centres upon the study of the architecture of the place. Laura F. Gibellini’s project, “Intervalos, interrupções”, will be created exclusively for Carpe Diem, and consists of a video and several drawings on the walls of oceanic elements (waves) and atmospheric elements (clouds). The masses of the ocean and atmosphere do not usually have a specific representation and yet they are fundamental elements for the development of life. The main purpose of this project is the questioning of those absences of representation and how the not-represented (the fluid, the air, the oceanic) remains un-recognized and how the un-recognized manifests thus as unthinkable. It is the possibility of thinking about the not-represented, the unthinkable that is important to recover here.